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Episode 3

The Resistance Melts Down

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There’s no trouble like snow trouble! The Snowmoors are melting, and only someone like Jefferson will be able to figure out what to do about it. He’s smart and resourceful, and really annoying! Maybe that’s why he was abandoned in the snowy wastes all alone, but now the Resistance has sent you to help with his mission, before it’s too late!

Explore New Places! Feature Image

Explore New Places!

Move out of the city and into the wild! The Snowmoors is an entirely new region, wrapped in snow and ice with its own unique challenges and inhabitants to discover!

But Watch Out! Feature Image

But Watch Out!

Look out for the Emperor’s experiments! The normally cuddly inhabitants of the Snowmoors have been given the fog-fuelled automaton treatment and they aren’t so friendly!

Save Aethasia! Feature Image

Save Aethasia!

Join the Resistance mission to prevent the disaster threatening the Snowmoors, and help Jefferson with his crazy experiments!

Begin your quest to save Aethasia