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Episode 2

The Resistance Takes Flight

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Edmund and Julian have been competing for years, but now these two underground racers may have crossed more than just the finish line. When tensions boil over and trust is betrayed, both are in for a race unlike any they have experienced before. It will take one of them far beyond No Man’s Landing to find new allies, new challenges, and a new reason to race!

Friends and traitors Feature Image

Friends and traitors

Sometimes the people you least expect are the ones you find on your side. Work with unlikely allies to overcome the obstacles to the Resistance taking flight!

New locations! Feature Image

New locations!

Explore new locations in your quest to see the Resistance take flight. From the heart of No Man’s Landing to an off-shore vessel of dubious reputation, there’s new puzzles at every turn!

New Enemies! Feature Image

New Enemies!

The Automatons that patrol No Man’s Landing are not the only ones who want to keep you off their turf. Choose your weapon and plan your strategy carefully to overcome new opponents in new environments!

Begin your quest to save Aethasia